No hate debate just facts: What are the reasons?

The slightly popular video of those three albanian guys which are living in Switzerland and got beaten by those croats had an interesting comment section. As a matter of fact I always thought that just a small amount of this sub is thinking in stereotypes. Since we are all albanians I think we should be tired of having prejudices…but the comments suprised me. „Gernaca, neanderthalers, think they are kings, etc.“ is basically the tenor without knowing the background story. I always thought, that the majority of people actually don’t have something against our diaspora. So I would like to know and understand where this hate comes from against the diaspora. Please dont recite Valon Syla because this makes it laughable. Also if there should be a fact as for example: „they cause more car crashes“ back it up with some statistic otherwise it is just nonsense.