Kosovo National Identity (10 questions)

Hello everyone! My Taiwanese partner is fascinated by Kosovo and it would mean a lot to us if you could help her understand your sense of identity better. This is her message:

I am a bachelor’s student from Leiden University and I am currently writing my bachelor’s thesis on Kosovar identity. I am studying the construction of nationhood in Kosovo since its independence. Unfortunately, I do not read Albanian and there are almost no English materials available.
If you are from Kosovo, it will be very helpful if you can fill out the short questionnaire https://forms.gle/7RsADfLzErWGV9sb9 (10 simple closed questions). Any other comments related to the topic will also be very helpful! If you are also down for a one-to-one interview online please let me know!!! (I am from Taiwan and I feel deeply drawn by the fascinating similarities between the two countries, so I would be very happy to make some friends from Kosovo!)
Thank you very much for your help!!!