Are the majority of Serbs and Russians psychopaths/sociopaths?

Serious question,

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the Serbian war crimes and their atrocities during the 1990’s wars, the Russian’s ethnic cleansing in Chechenia and the Soviet Union in general. But lets focus on the Serbs more, since their crimes have been much more “personal” and blood thirsty than the Soviet ones. The Soviet/Russian crimes were more systematic the the Serbian ones. I mean even during WW2 the Chetniks were killing their own people if they weren’t aligned with the King’s dynasty. Anyways, you can do more research about the Serbian war crimes other than Kosovo and Bosnia and it seems like it is very common with them. They are labeled as “a genocidal nation” and “butchers of Europe”, even with Germany on the same continent with them, they are deemed as the genocidal ones.

My question is this, is it possible for a certain nation to be more prone to psychopathy or lack of empathy, guilt, shame etc.? Could you be genetically pre-dispositioned and more accustomed for murder? Like the idea of shooting someone, which is a split second decision, makes me feel sick. Is it possible for an entire specific nation to not feel anything when thinking about murder? Like slashing the throat of another person is the same as cutting meat loaf to them. Is it actually possible to have an entire nation with it’s majority made up of absolute monsters, just that some of them don’t know it, didn’t have the chance to express it, or they are just hiding it really well. I’m honestly uncomfortable at even thinking about socializing with people from this nation, I barely consider them to be human at all.

I’ve personally never met any Serbs or Russians, since I live in Ireland, I’m asking this in the Kosovo subreddit because I figured people there had more interactions with Serbs. I will also be asking this in the r/Ukraine subreddit but for the Russians.

Thanks in advance, all opinions are welcome!